Viking Treasures - New Game!


Explore the culture of the fierce Nordic warriors and decipher their long-lost language in an original game that can make you richer than you thought possible.

Viking Treasures is a video slot game created by BetConstruct that features ancient Viking runes and a beautiful graphic atmosphere. The game put players in charge from the very beginning and allow for chain reactions of big wins to occur at any point.

Discover Viking Treasures and all of its unique game play features.

Viking Treasures relies on its stunning graphics to provide players with an engaging universe and help them focus on the reels easily.

The action is taking place during the Viking age, somewhere in Scandinavia. The reels are covered in runes, set in stone in the middle of a dark forest. Two Vikings are guarding the perimeter, and the discreet command bar is placed under the reels among stones and moss.

Viking Treasures is a beautiful game with gorgeous 3D effects and a dynamic game play.